There were so many amazing photographs that came out of this shoot. It's interesting to note that all the environments were created in 3D and photoshopped into the live-action shots. When it looks like they're in a tube, they're definitely not ...

During the photoshoot in LA, there was a ton of downtime as the flyers were getting prepped. I was able to assist John with the colors and look of future iFly buildings, making them more enticing from the outside. 

These posable figures were created to quickly show techniques. We were going down the path to actually rendering these figures in 3D to move more rapidly with posing, and to add depth and dimension to some of the video working being done.

Initial designs for the posable figures that are used to illustrate certain techniques and moves.

Dynamic Titling that might be used for the interior passages and walls in the iFly buildings.

Diagram / Data Visualization of how the iFly system works. I'm told these are used on the walls near main flying area.

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