Slime, an oozing, dripping, slimey, snot-style display typeface for you and yours. 
While working on some projects in January of 2011, I needed some horror inspiration. I turned to the old EC Comics and vintage horror posters, but didn't quite find what I was looking for in regards to typography. I searched the web, but felt there was a hole. I began to draw out some letterforms, first on my iPad, then on my tablet using Art Rage, then in my sketchbook (for more refinement). Finally, I begun working on a full character set in full vector form using Adobe Illustrator. 

Below are the examples leading up to the finished font, in reverse order.
.. and here's the full piece. The door is a found object that I used to do the painting on. It's about 6 1/2 feet wide. The frosting on the glass is natural from being left outside, I'm guessing. Cool effect. 
Another example.
An example of what could be done with the typeface. 
Initial vectors in Adobe Illustrator. You can see the B letterform was getting some extra love. 
Here's me working on some painted letterforms in my sketchbook. 
I really dig the colors and painterly quality of these. The outer blue color is actually the initial letterform. I thought it worked as a sloppy but nice-looking highlight. 
The iPad explorations. These were finger drawn in Art Rage application.
A more fleshed out version with highlights and shadows. I love this one. 
Initial explorations of the letterforms. All of these are hand drawn in Art Rage using a Cintiq tablet.
Cut-out vinyl letters for the studio. 
Handpainted for the Celade, Texas art show in Austin, Texas
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