Infographics & Data Visualization / 2010
2010 was a great year for infographics. 

In 2010, I hooked up with Viral Heat and my buddy Josh at Jones-Dilworth to do some more static and illustrated infographics to be used on various tech blogs. The first project was the announcement of the iPad that just happened to coincide with Obama's first year State of the Union. 
The infographic initially appeared on Mashable, and the response was better than expected. The graphic quickly spread to other sites, notably Gizmodo and Techcrunch. The results were very interesting and the graphic had garnered thousands of viewers in a matter of hours. Subsequent infographics for Viral Heat, 22 Squared, ESPN, Microsoft Sharepoint, Aptimize, and Workstreamer have pulled in millions of viewers, for which I'm very proud.

I'm very interested in exploring new trends in data visualization in the near future. If you have some data that needs to be visualized, let's talk. — BJ Heinley
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