BJ Heinley
25+ year career DesignerCreative Director, Entrepreneur
with more than a passing interest in art / (512) 850-5150 / LinkedIn

Q1 / 2022 Update
sold an NFT for legit dollars (under $1000), so I'm relevant now. The family and I visited a massive retrospective of Wayne Thiebaud's (RIP) in San Antonio. Really nice show, such a great talent. Trying out a new painting direction with a large, 7 ft Bouquet of Flowers.
Design. Some product design happening (board game for medical group!) as well as UX/UI work. No shortage of side quests. Having fun digging deeper into the Figmaverse
Secret Base / Makerspace The plan in 2018 was to establish, observe, and lock in a business plan, which is exactly what happened. And then one more lesson showed up: Pandemics are not great for emerging businesses. Regroup, iterate, evolve. 

"Walking around Ladybird Lake, one sees
everyone: friends of course, but also enemies"
—Austin Proverb
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