Black & Blue Coffee

This was a surprise project. I had passed my client, Cuvée Coffee, completely off to a designer friend, Susie Hiskey, because I'd taken a job as a design director. Susie calls a few months later and says, "look I can't seem to make the client happy, can you take a stab at doing something for their new iced coffee in a can project?' We knocked around some ideas and out popped this happy bud dazed fella who'd been Black & Blued (a riff on the defining "Cuvée blue" color I'd produced for the client previously). From there, I knocked around can ideas with another friend, M. Brady Clark, eventually landing on a big, bold look for the can, so it would stand out on the shelves and in refrigerators of convenience stores across Texas and beyond. From this work came keg taps and pulls, and spawned other work from other talented designers, notably Preacher here in Austin who seems to have taken the ball and run with it. We get by with a little help from our friends.

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